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School and Library Visits

I'm always happy to talk with groups of kids and teens about books, writing, and publishing. If you would like to arrange a visit, please contact me by e-mail.

I am a member of the Writer's Union of Canada. Schools, libraries, and other organizations can apply to have part or all of a visit fee funded through the union. For more information see here for school visits and here for library or other public organization readings.

Teacher and Librarian Comments

"Megan Crewe offered insights into the writing life that deepened my classes' understanding of the creative process and the world of publishing. Her presentation was well-structured, entertaining, and informative, and the students loved it." -Rose Cullis, English teacher, Humberside C.I.

"We were honored to have Megan Crewe as our guest for our first "Authors Love..." YA author series. Her warm, friendly presence engaged teens as she described her journey from eager young student writer to published author. The teens were fascinated by her often humorous reflections on the painstaking process involved in her first book publication. Her visit inspired those with storytelling aspirations of their own to write, write, write!" -Cilla Jacobson, Youth Services Coordinator, Palm Beach County Library System

Types of Visits

I can work with teachers and librarians to tailor presentations and discussions to specific topics, age ranges, and group sizes, depending on your needs. To provide a starting point, here are some sample visits I offer.

The Strange & Wonderful Writing Life - I discuss how I got started as a writer through my childhood and teen years, the importance of practice and perseverance, and the writing process all the way from initial idea to publication, with numerous examples from my books. Questions and participant discussion are encouraged.

Writing Workshop - Done with one classroom or a relatively small group of kids or teens, I discuss story-writing techniques, lead practice exercises, and provide feedback on the participants' work. Great for creative writing classes and clubs. My most popular workshops are The Three Keys, focusing on the key elements of a good story, and The Stories in You, focusing on incorporating the writer’s real feelings and experiences into fiction. I can also offer focused workshops in particular elements like plot or characters.

Book Talk - For this type of visit, it's best if the participants have read the book or series being discussed ahead of time. I will talk about the writing of the book(s), touch on the major themes and issues, and lead a book club style discussion in which participants will be encouraged to ask questions and share experiences.

I can also give presentations relevant to the school curriculum and current social issues, such as an in-depth look at viruses and epidemics in relation to the Fallen World trilogy, an examination of present day and past prejudice and oppression in relation to the Earth & Sky trilogy, and a discussion about bullying, depression, and building social connections in relation to Give Up the Ghost.

Virtual Visits

I'm also happy to offer virtual visits for classrooms, book clubs, and other interested groups using video conferencing software such as Skype or iChat. A 15-20 minute Q&A visit is free for classes and book groups who have read one of my books; longer visits focusing on a variety of topics can be arranged as well. Contact me to set one up! You may also find this article on arranging viritual visits helpful.

Book Guides

Check out my Earth & Sky discussion questions for book clubs and classroom discussions:

Earth & Sky Discussion Questions

I also offer The Way We Fall discussion questions for the same purpose:

The Way We Fall Discussion Questions

And the Give Up the Ghost book guides for schools, libraries, and book groups:

Teacher Book Guide
Library Booktalk
Book Group Guide

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