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Ruthless Magic Soundtrack

Take a listen to the unofficial soundtrack for Ruthless Magic—the music that inspired me as I was brainstorming for, writing, and revising the novel. Listen to the songs, and check out the track listing with links to the lyrics below.

Track Listing

1. "God from the Machine" - Santigold
2. "War in Me" - Kenna
3. "If I Lose Myself" - OneRepublic
4. "Kill Em With Kindness" - Selena Gomez
5. "It's Only" - Odesza
6. Get Out Alive" - Three Days Grace
7. "Runaway" - Naimah Muhammad (The National cover)
8. "Turning Page" - Sleeping At Last
9. "To Be A Dancer (I'm Alive)" - Lovers

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