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Behind the Scenes


Learn about my inspiration for writing the novel.

See how I pictured Earth & Sky's characters.

Images and quotes on Tumblr that made me think of the trilogy.

The Setting

The characters in Earth & Sky are frequently hopping from one place (and time) to another. Most of those places I described with the help of book and internet references and a healthy dose of imagination to fill in any blanks. But I was able to visit Paris not long before I wrote the book. Not the Paris of 1830, naturally, but many of the buildings there have been around since much longer back!

River Seine
When Skylar and Win first arrive in Paris, she sees a river: that would be the Seine. (No car traffic in 1830, naturally.)

Notre Dame
She also notices a building she thinks might be the Notre Dame (though she's not this close to it).

Louvre outside
Her first glimpse of the Louvre makes her think of a palace.

Louvre hall
The halls inside obviously wouldn't have looked like this back then, but it gives you a sense of the space.

Louvre ceiling
Even the ceilings contain works of art.

Louvre courtyard
This is the courtyard in the midst of the museum that Skylar and Win momentarily land in, though of course it would not have included the pyramid structure at that time.

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