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Those Who Lived (Fallen World Story Collection)
Another World Press, 2015

Those Who Lived cover

A collection of stories giving a new voice to three characters from Megan Crewe's Fallen World trilogy, and a glimpse of life beyond THE WORLDS WE MAKE.

"Carry the Earth" - When Kaelyn's news about the vaccine stirs up unrest at the artists' colony, Tessa struggles to protect the sanctuary she's carefully constructed.

"Trial by Fire" - Drew tackles a new assignment that not only puts him at odds with his most vicious colleague and his life on the line, but may also determine the entire future of the Wardens.

"Water Song" - After he convinces a boy to leave his sick mother, Leo commits to helping the now hostile kid settle into life with the surviving islanders while confronting his own self-doubts.

Note: These stories are set after the three books in the Fallen World trilogy and contain spoilers for those books.

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