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The Worlds We Make (Fallen World #3)
Disney-Hyperion, 2014 / Another World Press, 2018

The Worlds We Make cover

Kaelyn has proof her father's vaccine works—but the virus has stolen too much from her along the way. And the road ahead looks even longer.

When Kaelyn and her friends reached Toronto with a vaccine for the virus that has ravaged the population, they thought their journey was over. They were wrong. Now they're being tracked by the Wardens, a band of survivors as lethal as the virus. The gang's leader intends to claim the vaccine for himself, no matter what the cost.

Forced onto the road again, Kaelyn and her companions discover the Centers for Disease Control is still operating. The scientists there could reproduce the vaccine. But with the virus still spreading, the Wardens hot on their trail, and hundreds of miles to cross, Kaelyn finds herself compromising her morals to keep her group alive. Her conscience seems a small price to pay if protects them and their precious cargo.

To survive this shattered world, will Kaelyn have to sacrifice all that's left of the girl she used to be?


"The breakdown of government and common courtesy is represented well, while Crewe still sows a seed of hope for the future. The character of Kaelyn carries the book—she is well developed, with a lot of depth and emotion. Readers will feel her struggles as she pushes past her moral boundaries in an effort to benefit humanity." -VOYA

"Crewe gives the book a late shot in the arm (so to speak) by offering up surprisingly complicated and nuanced portrayals of both the Wardens and CDC members. They, like everyone else in Crewe’s grim dystopia, are neither good nor evil. Just fighting to survive." -Booklist

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